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What Happens If My Delivery Is The Delay Of The Estimated Date?

What Happens If My Delivery Is The Delay Of The Estimated Date?

Delays do happen sometimes. Get to know what to do if this happens to you. Usually when you are moving long distance, you’re given a estimate of about 5 days when your truck is likely to arrive. Think of this as your mover is planning your move and this unexpected happens. Family emergencies, bad weather, road problems and natural disasters can lead to delays. Nationwide Movers provide a delivery estimate to reduce the chances that you’re stuck waiting on your belongings.

During the busy summer moving season reducing the chances, however, does not mean eliminating them. Delays with the move can create delays for other moves, and if a scheduled driver becomes unavailable, that can cause major problems with the moves. When this condition happens, our movers team will be working to find extra drivers, combine loads, and reshuffle routes in order to expedite deliveries. Sometimes they’re successful and sometimes they’re not.

Estimated Date

When this type of circumstances happens during your moving process, the first thing to do is to keep calm. We know this will be difficult. Your life will be on hold, and you will be wondering when you’ll be able to get settled. Take the time to collect your thoughts and make a list of reasonable thing, such as compensation to purchase items, like air mattresses, plastic dishes, that will make your life a little more comfortable. It’s also a good idea to let the customer service team know how you would like to receive updates, and who we should contact. Finally, you will be given updated answers about when your belongings will be delivered. Please understand that sometimes, we don’t have any information or can’t provide details one way or another.

As you are planning your move, take the time about what you would do if there is a delay. Create a list of thing you must have in advance, like medicines, phone chargers, and basis commodities. This items should be kept with you. If there is a delay, you’ll appreciate having your necessary accessories with you for time being.

If you need any type of assistance regarding anything in moving, you are free to ask us. We are just one click away from your doubts – Nationwide Movers

What expectations to have when moving overseas!

What expectations to have when moving overseas!

Have you decided to move internationally, but you are not sure about what to expect once you arrive at your new location. It can be pretty difficult to imagine what life will look in a completely different country. But you don’t need to worry as there are many certain things that can make this adjustment process an easy task. You can start preparing by learning about the country you will be moving to. The most important things that you should know before you do your moving to other country is their official language, traditions, customs, and many other DOs and DON’Ts, etc.

international moving

The moving process is quite complicated than usual movings:

Moving to another state within the same country is easy and less stressful. It is obvious that international relocation is not the same. There are many and more things to be planned when it comes to international moving. First of all, you need to hire a professional moving company – those who are efficient in providing international movers for all your needs. They will help you out with every step of the way during moving.

Next, outline all of the international duties and any responsibilities you might have when it comes to entering a new country. Best international movers will provide you with an accurate estimate. After this, logistics of the relocation will be planned, and all the agents and carriers will be closely supervised. They will make sure that all the paperwork which are necessary for your move is accurate and is sent on time.

The packaging process is time-consuming and is more complicated:

The next and very important part of your relocation is the actual packing process. Once you’re done with all other planning and logistics of your move, you can move onto the final stage – the packaging process. Choose your desired method of transportation (Moving company will offer you with both air freight and ocean freight), you will decide how will you arrange and pack your belongings.

If traveling by air – you should make sure that all the household belongings are very tightly and safely packed, wrapped and sealed. As it is normal in the plane that the things will move around, so make sure to appropriately pack all of your stuff to avoid damage or breaking.

After the packaging phase is done, it is time to transport all of your stuff. It is usually the important task which is done by the movers in the safest and best way possible.

Let’s move on to what you can expect after you have arrived into your new home!

The new language, people and surroundings:

When you’re moving internationally, chances are that there won’t be English as their first language. However, if you prefer speaking English, that’s totally fine as well because English is considered a global language and people can communicate with you in English. But there are many countries where people do not prefer speaking English. Don’t worry about this. You can learn their language and there will be no barrier anymore. Did you know it takes people approximately 6 months to a year to learn a new language in virtually no time. All you need to do is simply get out and try to socialize. And you need not worry much about this – you will definitely find at least someone who speaks English well!

Another this you need to know about the people of the new country. Remember that you’re moving to a new country where people will be a bit different than the country you have already been living till now. Customs, traditions are different for different countries. In the same way, people are different too.

The last one is the surroundings. Keep in mind that your surroundings will be different. Each country has a different set of rules and laws that apply to their every citizens and people who live there. Once you entered the new country, it is expected of you that you behave according to their rules and regulations. You can learn more and more about the county where you are moving through the internet. And you should also research and learn about jobs and education in the country where you’ll be moving.

Hope that these will help you to know more about the International Moving. If you require any type of assistance regarding international movers, know that Nationwide Movers is just what you are seeking for. They can help you will whole relocation services and can help you move to and from anywhere in the world.

Don’t find fault. Find a Remedy

Don’t find fault. Find a Remedy

Don’t find fault. Find a Remedy

Once you decide to move to a new place you should start preparing yourself early.

Moving can be very stressful and difficult sometimes. But of course, there are some ways in which you can make moving easier and smoother.

Along with seeking for a moving company, looking for moving services of a good price, choosing new furniture, cleaning up your old place and etc., you can get merits of some tips that can make your moving easier and less stressful.

5 Expert Solutions for some basic Moving Problems are:

Problem 1:- You waited too long to book a moving company.

Moving Company

If you are waiting until last minute to hire the help of a moving company, you may find that your top choices of moving company are already booked up. This will lead you to hire those moving companies with fewer reputations.

The Solution:

It is very crucial to finalizing your moving date as soon as you decide to move so you can schedule a reliable moving company. To find a good moving company, check their reviews online. A few bad reviews are normal and OK as long as the huge majority of reviews are positive.

Problem 2:- You’re rushing to pack.


The most common problems with moving people are that they leave the packing to the last minute. Think: clothes still folded in closet, art still hanging on the walls, and miscellaneous items covering your home.

The Solution:

As soon as you know you’re moving, start packing. Arrange packing supplies like boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and tape. Then start packing with the stuff you use less frequently or don’t need on a daily basis. Pack all items together and clearly label each box. If you want help or feel overwhelmed by packing, just call the movers and let them know in advance. They will ensure there are no last minute surprises.

Problem 3:- Your stuff requires special packaging.

Special care items

People often forget that some of their stuff requires special care. Things like flat-screen TVs, mirrors, arts, dishes, lamps, chandeliers, and certain pieces of furniture require extra time and attention. Many of these items need to be disassembled prior to being moved. Extreme care should be taken to prevent damages.

The Solution:

As soon as possible, start gathering the necessary supplies for packing your fragile items. ‘Remember how things entered the apartment because that’s how they will need to leave.’ A few weeks prior to your move, give your movers a detailed inventory of all your belongings that require special handling. That way they can allow space for these items in the moving truck and schedule enough time to help you pack and transport them.

Problem 4:- Your new moving building has time restrictions on service entrance or elevator access.

New Building

Many building, especially in big cities in Florida, New York, have limited access to service entrances or elevators. It happens a lot where a customer will ask us to be at their pick-up building at 8 a.m because they want to get an early start, but some elevator buildings in cities will not allow movers into the building until 9 a.m.

The Solution:

The best way to avoid a time conflict is to speak with the building’s management about their policies and restrictions ahead of time, then plan your moving by scheduling it accordingly.

Problem 5:- You didn’t pack your essentials separately.


After a long day of moving, the last thing you want to do is rummage through boxes marked ‘bathroom’ just to find the toilet paper. Or spend 20 minutes searching every box for your iPhone charger. Or wear the same clothes for two days because your extra t-shirts are piled beneath boxes of shoes and winter coats.

Tip: Packing a separate box with your most essential items is imperative.

The Solution:

Pack a box with jewelry, valuables, important documents, clothes for the next day, and toiletries. Also pack other accessories like chargers, laptops, earplugs, reading glasses, eye masks, medication.

We’ve got you covered.

Important things you need to know about Moving Processes

Important things you need to know about Moving Processes

So, finally, you are about to move? Whether you are moving your commercial area or household belongings, you must have a proper planning prior to moving. If not planned yet, all your energy and efforts will go in vain.

This is the main reason why top packers and movers are so much in demand in the USA. Some time back moving process was a self-attempted practice that was not so promising rather was quite hectic and stressful job to counter.

There are some powerful reasons why you must elect to choose packers and movers for a successful moving process:

  • Inventory list: Top moving service providers maintain a checklist of your possessions to ensure the exact delivery of the numbers of items that are going to be packed by them
  • Packing: Professional movers make sure they justify the service fee paid to them. Therefore whether it’s your delicate handcrafted item, electronic equipment or any other sophisticated appliance. The safe packing of your valuables is assured.
  • Loading: After packing of the items are done, its a turn for safe loading of your valuables towards your new destination
  • Storage services: Its one of the mandatory services that movers and packers offer.Under this service, even if you did not reach to your new place or not ready to accept the delivery of your stuff, then its kept inside the storage containers unless you are not ready with your new home or commercial space.
  • Unpacking: Once your belongings are delivered to your new place, its time for the belongings to be unpacked. Now, this is also a tough job to commence as it requires a team to work for the unpacking of your valuables.

You have a complete right to expect a quality service against the amount you paid to achieve such services. Anyhow, the responses posted by the users of packers and movers clearly displays the customer satisfaction received by these service providers. Moreover its very important to understand that professional companies have a remarkable style of serving their customers whereas, personal aided works needs a plentiful of hectic jobs to come across.

Effortless Moving with Affordable Price

Effortless Moving with Affordable Price

Effortless Moving with Affordable Price

Relocation demands for a pre-planned strategy before start moving. This includes managing of all moving process along with other relocation services.


Here at Nationwide movers, we guarantee a stress-free relocation along with a smooth process of moving. After all its a matter of your comfort. Our services embody:-

  • A thorough survey of the home: Your home will be thoroughly surveyed by our trained professionals before starting any of the moving processes. This will enable our team to have an overview that how the packing should initiate.
  • Packing: Packing involves each and every component responsible for the safety precaution of the items. The materials used for packing consists of certainly fine and quality packing materials be it tapes, cartons, etc to ensure remarkable service.
  • Loading: This is work of perfection. Loading doesn’t mean just loading of the items or your valuables in a haphazard way, rather it involves the proper placing of the items keeping in mind how delicate and sophisticated they are. Whether its digital devices or any home appliances, loading is done with utmost care and mindfulness.
  • Storage service: It’s quite genuine not having any surety to depict the time for the belongings to be delivered. As there must be circumstances such as not available in the new home or need some more time to make space for the valuables to be paced or anything else. Just be relaxes, your inventories will be safe at our clean and spacious storage containers until you are ready to receive them.
  • Final delivery: Once you are relocated and ready to receive all your items, we will be there with our team to unload, unpack and deliver the items as quickly as we can.

Cost-effective solution for you

We put our subsequent efforts to maintain our quality and standards at an affordable cost. Therefore, you can grab absolutely free quotation of the overall service any time you wish to. We will be present every time to listen to your queries and answer them as quickly as we can. You can count on us with our reliable services and courteous approach. Waiting for your response.

Reliable Moving Solutions

Reliable Moving Solutions

Reliable Moving Solutions

Are you located near Illinois? Is there a household, commercial, or an international moving project in your mind? Do you wish to get help from one of the best household moving services? If that is what you are searching for then you have come to the right place. Relocating to a new destination comes with its own set of challenges. Hence, if you take help from local home movers then you will have the confidence to make a safe transit without the slightest of scratch or damage to your valuables

What makes us different?

We are one of the household moving services provider that have the flexibility to accommodate changes in the course of a moving project. Thus, irrespective of whether you add a new item, change the delivery address, or decide to put your belonging in a storage and ship those overseas, we have it all covered.

Types of service we offer

  • Household Moving: Are you the proud owner of a new house, flat or, a condo? We understand that it is just not a monetary investment but dreams, hopes, and aspirations put together with your hard work and dedication. At Nationwide Movers, we have helped hundreds of families relocate without the slightest of scratch or damage to their belongings. In our prolonged tryst in this industry, we have set in place a proven method of making a safe transit customized as per client’s requirements.
  • Commercial Moving: Are you shouldering the responsibility of a commercial moving project? Nationwide Movers can make things simple for you. It does not matter whether you need to relocate few rooms or an entire office. We have it all covered for a successful transition. Be assured of a disruption-free service.
  • International Moving: At Nationwide Movers, we have the knowledge and resources for a cost-effective international relocation tailored to customer’s requirement. We specialize in transporting delicate items, pieces of art, antiques, and sensitive computer systems.

Why Choose Us

Nationwide Movers stringently adheres quality standards. In our commitment to provide a delightful customer experience, we drive efficiency with innovative technology, and cost compression models. We monitor performance in areas of quality assurance and consistently deliver on service level metrics to fulfill contractual obligations. You get the following benefits by working with us:

  • Local, Long Distance, and InternationalHousehold Moving Services
  • Guaranteed on-time pick-up
  • Drivers are trained professionals
  • Clean, secure, full-service storage facilities
  • Expert packing and crating
  • Free quotes

To know more about household moving services please feel free to call us at 1-800-422-6145