Full Service Movers

money saving with full service movers

Can you save money with full service movers?

The entire purpose is to find and share ways to have a nice cheap move. Not all of us can move all of our belongings in an old junky van in countless trips on two weekends. We did that a few years ago and it was miserable because we had to move everything for a family of five even.

With that said, what is cheap and what is not cheap is relative. A couple of dollars is a small fortune to some people whereas it is pocket change for others. Here are a few good ideas to make your expensive move a bit cheaper. Not all of these are going to be useful to you in your situation. Just keep an open mind so you feel good in your decision to spend the money.

Call all of the full service moving companies and price them


You are trying to save money you have to do lots of price shopping. When compared to all one tends to be the cheaper option here. You also need to make sure you feel like you can trust them. Use that first contact to give you a feel of how they work and keep in mind everything you have ever heard from people.


Are you sure you need to get a completely full-service move?

are you sure

Is there something that you can do yourself? Full service tends to mean that they pack for you with their boxes. How much of the packing and box gathering can you do yourself? Boxes from moving companies tend to be the most expensive. Find out how much cheaper your move could be with fewer services. Some full-service movers insist that they do certain thing so they won’t be held accountable. In this case, you can look at other types of relocation companies.

Do you really need full service movers or can you get creative and go a different route

Of course, you would need to price this option to make sure that it is in fact cheaper. It most likely will be.

Going full service is a great convenience that is wonderful and will save you so much time. But, it comes at a high price. You need to ensure that the cost involved justifies it all.

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