How to find the highest rated moving companies

How to find the highest rated moving companies?

Many users are wrong when choosing the right moving company. Due to the large number of offers that you can find in the market, it is important to know how to find the right company.

Some major factors that need to be considered

Insurance: Check the merchandise insurance offered. Some companies give insurance lower than the real value of the merchandise. The insurance must be of the real value of the merchandise, without supplements.

Packing: If you want to be packed with the contents of furniture, books, kitchen utensils, clothes, some companies do the day before, at no cost to the consumer. It is much better and safer to pack your belongings the day before moving. Remember that if you decide to pack your belongings you will find it cheaper but you may get worse results. Highest rated moving companies usually have more media and a variety of packaging systems: cupboards, closet boxes, quality bubble wrap. Also, they do not take care of the cracks in the contents of the boxes that you pack as they do not know how the packaging and the condition of the objects have been done before packing.

If you decide to have your furniture content-packed, choose a company that performs this operation the day before moving. You can find moving services that offer this service at no additional cost and with all the security guarantees for your belongings.

Furniture disassembly and assembly: Disassembly is an operation that does not usually present problems. It is in the assembly of furniture where you have to be careful. Make sure that you leave all the furniture well assembled and, very importantly, that all the showcase, shelves, are properly installed and fixed to the wall. There are moving companies that provide this service at no additional cost. Be wary of excessively cheap businesses, bargains don’t exist and the final quality may not be as desired.

The best moving companies usually pass some filters to be able to be registered in these associations, with which they can give you more guarantee. Do not look only at the price, the services offered for that price is an important fact when choosing a moving service.

Before hiring, ask the moving company:

  • Do you have insurance? Personalized to my name or global? For the real amount of my merchandise or with supplements?
  • Do they pack everything? Do they unpack at the new address and leave it placed? Do you have closets for hanging clothes? At what price? Do they have cuppers for crockery and fragile objects?

With these guidelines and tips, you are sure to be right when selecting the best moving company in your city.